Chart of the Week - July 15

Chart of the Week - July 15

Lockdowns, panic and off-the-chart spikes.

This is our first in our 'Chart of the Week' series. Each we we'll try and bring you an interesting chart or graphic that give a different perspective on health, bio, pharma and of course, Covid.

For the first edition, we're starting out simple one. This is just a view of the cases in Victoria (where Biolink is based) over the course of the pandemic.

What struck us is how different we felt each of the high points of the peaks. 

The first, in July of 2020 caused lockdowns, panic and some pretty profound changes around the world. The next, in January 2020 much, much less so. To the extent we double checked the the data & chart tool to make sure it was right.

So other than a reminder of for Victorians of all the lockdowns, it interesting to look back and see how much our view of Covid has changed based on the case number and how much we've gotten to used to it. 

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