Biolink is an Australian biotech company, specialising in the field of medical diagnostics.

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Rapid test focused

We are on a mission to democratise healthcare through accessible diagnosis—allowing prompt treatment and encouraging proactive, healthy lifestyle choices for everyone.

Our patented technologies enable fast, accurate, and cost effective diagnoses at scale, for a diverse range of clients across the health and aged care, business, education and private sectors.

We offer a broad range of novel health test solutions, and are invested in significant research and development activities to develop new health testing and tracking technologies.

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Our mission and vision

Our mission is to give people direct, always-on access to their own biological data, by investing in developing novel technologies and specialist knowledge.

Our vision is to enhance and optimise people lives by offering proactive, personal health information for all.

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How can we change medical diagnostics?


COVID-19 Nasal Pen
COVID-19 Saliva (Oral) Pen


Flu A/B + COVID Pen
Multi Drug Pen
Flu A/B + RSV + COVID Pen
hCG Pregnancy Test
LH Ovulation Test


STD Dual Pen


Troponin Pen

Our global team

Meet our diverse team. We currently have offices, entities, and distribution networks across three continents (North America, Australia, Europe), soon to be four; so you'll find us under a few different roofs.

Get in touch with any of our team if you have any specific queries, or if you just want to chat about our products or business. We're here to help.

Jovan Milosevic

Jovan Milošević M.D

Biolink EU Director

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Matthew Reid

Sales & Strategy

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Navina Bilmoria

Business Development

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Peter Seow

Program Manager

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Ana Martins

Product Engineer

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John Tsianakas


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Brittany Mamo

Admin Manager

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